Saul Raymond - London


I just wanted to drop you a letter and say thanks for blessing our family with a little angel .He has settled in and bonded quite well I’ve had a lot of different breeds and this is my first French Bulldog I can’t believe that I have been missing out on it . He is the most sweet adorable and lovable little pet thanks a lot sir.

Adams Wilsson - Texas


Well she has become the simplest dog I have ever owned she’s so thinking and smart able to go do anything at anytime she is considerably like Maya because she’s very curious and busy and . I should have named her joy she is also associated with that she makes me happy and makes me laugh almost the whole day many thanks

Emily Lamar - washinton


We are so grateful to you for giving us Teddy and that I am so amazed at how smart and trainable he has been most are so amazed at how well behaved he is at such a young age. it’s tremendous features and he’s so amazing with my two young boys I do not know what they did before him they always attempt to negotiate him coming alongside us wherever we go .He is my little shadow and follows me everywhere thank you much a lot for giving us such a tremendous dog and starting him of great in life is everything you wanted and more thanks !!!

Adams Brandon - California


Where do I start how about many thanks after spending years with Rottweilers and bulldogs we wanted a French Bulldog and after months of waiting weeks of watching the new born grow through photos and videos many agonizing days emails phone calls (thanks again for your patience with us) we choose a boy Iarry i feel he stole my heart once we heard his story he was taken in with no problem long car ride elderly blind sisters grandchildren car alarm puppy schools and everywhere else you will consider to require him. everywhere we go people always discussing how well he acts his unusual beautiful coloring . They trying to understand what breed is and where we got him from we are very happy to elucidate where we got him from and encourage them to see out your wonderful website we we are so very fortunate and lucky you allowed us to take one amongst your special puppies home with us thanks again very much.

Jonas Larson - Pennslyvania


I cannot say enough about how glad I am that we brought home two pups they are the simplest things we have ever done my kids say thanks mom once I say that they are the simplest smartest kids this boys .they’re so cute together and even John says they might be such different dogs if they did not have one another they play constantly they also love one another and it’s been so cute to observe you two cause we feel crazy in the middle of them but it took them a short time to urge over leaving their master even neighbors ask what quite dog and where did we get them thanks so much for our puppies.

Paul Hason - New York


I bought lucky some weeks ago he is great very sweet and mild mannered but can be very friendly and playful when necessary. living in New York with new people he socialized about 15 minutes after we took him outside for the first time since nearly everyone stop tuggle and pet him we are introducing him to order Puppies and dogs as much as possible and so far he mingles with them without any aggression or fear thanks very much

Jennifer Gallentine - Pennslyvania


So far our Jersey has been so good to us. She just graduated from Puppy Training class and was the popular pup in the class and in Pet Smart. She had a lot of fans no doubt. She loves the snow. She also has a best friend, Boris, right across the street and they get to play and go on walks daily when the weather is cooperating.

Kelsey Bengel - New York


We got our french bulldog two years ago from Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies and have a happy, energetic, and loving pup that enjoys going hiking with us. She is a sweet and healthy girl. We feed her a balanced raw carnivore diet and expect a long life full of adventures with our furry friend.

Darlene Harris - Pennslyvania


Thank you Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies for our beautiful french bulldog, Yuki (was Rodrigo). He has settled in really well after only 5 days and is really sociable with other dogs. He is very gentle and quiet but is a bit wary of strangers. All in all, he is a fabulous dog and is definitely one of the family now.

Paul Hason - New York


Good morning dear Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies, Daisy is currently doing great and is growing as happy as possible. I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the sunshine of our days (poor Cookie, my french bulldog Puppy ), she is always playing, giving us love and making funny faces!!! My Regards,

Jenny Marquez - Pennslyvania


He’s a great dog—patient with the kids, loves to cuddle with you, go on walks, loves people and other dogs. He’s done well with obedience training and learns fast. Mostly he’s just a very kind and gentle dog that would like attention all the time but will also wait patiently when he needs to when we are busy. Great family dog! Thank you Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies

Stacie Rennie - New York


We got Madison from Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies and have never been happier with a dog. We are pretty besotted with her – ask anyone! We are very pleased to announce that we are once again working with Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies, and hope to bring a cute fur baby as a new family member. These pups are white beauties, very well cared for and started on their house training, puppy dewormings, and puppy vaccinations. If you have time to devote to a new puppy, we recommend them!

Bailey McDaniels - Pennslyvania


Hi! Just wanted to drop you an email about the male french bulldog Puppy we bought last weekend. He went to the vet today and checked out great. Gus is doing great! He is really adjusting well to his new home and surroundings. He is very active and is becoming King, even over our Boxer-Lab mix. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Thank you again for a wonderful puppy! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Priscilla Sparrow - New York


Thank you Well Trained French Bulldog Puppies, Bradley was and is exactly what I had been looking for. In fact, she was so perfect we decided to add her to our family as well. Julia is equally is great, and I so enjoyed getting to know her. We will still keep in touch even after a year later. These two precious little girls are excellent quality french bulldog Pups, and I would not hesitate to add another french bulldog to my family.